Home Costs

We at Valley Custom Homes are aware that the most asked question is “How much do your homes cost,” or even the more traditional question of “How much are your homes per square foot?“. These are questions that we want and will answer accurately but first need some information from you in order to present that cost correctly. We have found over the years that many modular home builders or dealers in Virginia will just rattle off a number that can be inaccurate creating confusion thus making the decision process longer.

So, in order to give an accurate Home Costs, we only need these few questions communicated to us by e-mail or a quick phone call:

  1. Do you own property and or what county do you want to build?
  2. What model name or type of home are you requesting home costs for?
  3. Do you want the cost to include a crawl space or basement? (Make us aware if you want to build the crawl space or basement yourself and we will leave it out of the home costs quote)
  4. Do you want a covered porch/back deck included in Home Costs or standard 4’x6′ stoops required for the certificate of occupancy?
  5. Do you want a garage?

By informing us with this information you will receive a fast response and accurate Home Costs quote.