Home Costs

We at Valley Custom Homes are aware that the most asked question is “How much do your homes cost,” or even the more traditional question of “How much are your homes per square foot?“. These are questions that we want and will answer accurately but first need some information from you in order to present that cost correctly. We have found over the years that many builders or dealers will just rattle off a number that can be inaccurate up front creating confusion thus making the decision process longer.

For example, a 1500 square foot finished ranch with a crawl space (all standard options) on a clear flat piece of property can cost $125,000. This equates to $83.00 a square foot for a very strong energy efficient home. Now, you take that same finished square foot home and add a (2) car garage, full unfinished basement, covered front porch, hardwood flooring, a gas fireplace, on a fully wooded piece of property, the cost could be $175,000 or higher. This equates to $116.00 a square foot. Big difference!

You see we are still only dividing the sale price by the finished square footage even though there is an additional 1500 unfinished square feet in the basement and unfinished square footage in the garage. This same home now has 3000 square feet of space (including the basement) plus a garage and other upgrades yet the cost per square foot is higher.

So in order to give an accurate Home Costs per square foot we only need these few questions communicated to us by e-mail or a quick phone call:


  • Do you own property and or what area do you want to build?
  • What model name or type of home are you requesting home costs for?
  • Do you want a cost for a crawl space or basement? (Make us aware if you want to build the crawl space or basement yourself and we will leave it out of the home costs quote)
  • Do you want a covered porch / back deck included in Home Costs or just (2) standard 4’x4′ stoops required for the certificate of occupancy?
  • List any upgraded options you may be wanting for example: Hardwood or tile flooring, gas fireplace, whirlpool jets in master bathtub, soft close drawers or cabinets, and so forth.


By informing us with this information you will receive a fast response and accurate Home Costs quote.

Floating random plan prices and cost packages within a 20 mile radius of Harrisonburg not including any excavation costs as each site is different:

1. The “Covington” Cape Cod plan: 1531 plus finished square feet and an additional (+/-) 1000 upstairs! Total square feet of space is 2531. (Covington picture shows some additional options like dormers and porch)

  • Base price includes standard specifications and home finished set on your foundation: $132,900.00 (no upgraded options)
  • Same home finished with Valley Custom Homes including the crawl space foundation:$142,900.00
  • Same home with full unfinished basement foundation turn-key: $163,000.00
  • Full Covered front country porch option (6’x54′): $8,400.00
  • Other upgraded options available by request: Dormers, Fireplace, Appliances, wood flooring, cabinets, and others! Please see our standard specifications which are included in these costs.

2. The “Coghlan” ranch: 1456 finished square feet. (Coghlan picture shows some additional options like gables, porch and garage).

  • Base price includes standard specifications and home finished on your foundation: $118,000.00
  • Same home including the crawl space foundation: $127,900.00
  • Same home including an unfinished basement turn-key: $148,000.00
  • Costs do not include custom porches or garage.